Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Hospice Of St Francis - The Midnight Charity Walk

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a local charity to ask if I could write about something that is quite close to my heart.
The Hospice Of St Francis, is a charity that provides care, help and support for people and family of those who have been told that there illness is terminal. Thankfully, I've never lost a close person from terminal illness, however I have friends who have and seeing the pain and heartache it brings is something that breaks my own heart. So when I was asked to wrtie about this, I didn't hesistate.
The Hospice in itself cares for the patience and helps them with every need and wish to make there last days as comfortable as it can be and supporting them through the days. However, despite all the hard work they put into this, they only recieve 20% funding from the NHS, meaning that 80% of there funding comes from generosity of other people. One of the ways that the Hospice raise the funds to keep this going, is to do The Midnight Walk
The next Midnight walk is happening on the 28th June this year, and I am hoping to contribute in one way or another, whether that is sponsering someone like I have in previous years, or maybe I might do the walk in memory of someone, either way, I would like to contribute to such an amazing cause,
If you live in the herts/beds area, I hope you'll join me in helping raise money and awearness for this, please click here to find out more on how you can get involved, maybe I can even tempt a few of you blogging girls to get together with me and do the walk!
Would you like to get involved?
See You Soon, Emily   

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