Sunday, 29 July 2012

BEFORE YOU CONTINUE....I'm in no way bragging about my presents ect ect ect, i'm doing this to show how grateful I am to all my family and friends who made this birthday so special for me :) so please, no nasty 'spoilt girl' comments please. Thank you.


I did infact recieve more! I know i know spoilt! And I really was, and I can't say to my family, friends and boyfriend how much I love them for making my day so special and for all the surprises! I received 3 surprises infact. One was on the morning of my birthday, I opened up a card from my parents which inside had a cheque for £200 towards a car!

 The 2nd was my boyfriend was taking me to LONDON! the next day to see Sweeny Todd the musical, which can I say was bloody amazing! We both love London and Sweeny Todd, which had Jason Manford and Micheal Ball staring! I would love to go back and see it again

. The 3rd and one of the most tear jerking moments of my life was my boyfriend was taking me out for dinner, and when we go there all my close family and friends were there waiting for me! I was almost in tears! I was speechless, which is a big thing for me! It was just the perfect day!

 Last week I had my birthday party, which was just as amazing, and above are a sample of presents I recieved. The DKNY watch was from my boyfriends Family which I love and can't bare to take off! The perfume is Alien, and if you follow me on twitter you'll know I've been after this for a VERY long time. 

In all I had a birthday to remember, and despite people saying you should, I didn't get very drunk, after all didn't want to walk around London with a hangover did I?! The birthday party was another matter! If you want to know about any of the presents I will try my best to answer and I will be doing a review on the many Lush boxsets I got!

I'm going to leave it there, much love, Emily.


  1. hope you had a fab day :) xxx

  2. What a lucky girl! Happy belated, you are so lucky to have so many people care about you!

    Newest follower, love yourr blog :)


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