Monday, 23 July 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

Hello all! And before I start may I say sorry for my absence things have been crazy hectic, seeing as I've just finished school and have just had my 18th birthday & party! So seeing as i've bored you with plans up until now, I thought I'd show you how it all went! I didn't get half as many pictures as I wanted, but other than that, I had a very good night! These aren't in any particular order! 
Birthday Present from  my sister (Will do a full present post if you'd like!)

My dress. Was lovely on! (£38 Matalan)

Girl at work made me a cake!


Me & my brother!

Boyf took me to London for my birthday! We saw Sweeny Todd!
Me & the Mr at my party!

Cake No.1

Some Birthday Money Spent!
(Reviews too come later!)

Getting Ready for the party! Playing with Make-Up.

Party Cake!

Overall the past few weeks have been some of the amazing days of my life! Thank you for all the wishes I've received and let me know if you want a present post, there's alot from lush! So I promise to try to get blogging alot more, now I have no exams anymore, but I still have a full time job at the moment! But thank you for sticking by me!
Much love, Emily xx


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